About ISDP

Informasi mengenai Islamic Sociopreneur Development Program

Indonesia has an area of ​​7.91 million km2 with 2.01 million km2 of land area and 3.25 million km2 of ocean and 2.55 million km2 of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). There are recorded various Natural Resources (SDA) in Indonesia, namely forest wood, rattan, rubber, oil palm, petroleum, natural gas, coal, gold and many others. Not only has abundant natural resources, Indonesia also has 267 million inhabitants, which are Human Resources (HR) which is ranked fourth most in the world.


The sad thing about this country is that independence, evenness and economic growth are still far from what they should be. The sons and daughters of the best regions after completing their studies, the majority piled up in the capital to find work. This makes economic turnover uneven. The open unemployment rate in Indonesia is 5.01% and the national inequality rate in 2018 (Gini Ratio) of 0.389 indicates that real changes are needed for the community. The best sons and daughters of the region should return to their homes so that equity and economic growth in the regions increase.


To support the achievement of poverty alleviation, unemployment, inequality also supports the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) program issued by the United Nations (UN), the Islamic Sociopreneur Development Program (ISDP) is present and strives to be a solution. ISDP provides education, training, coaching scholarships, as well as business capital for students who are sociopreneur in various regions in Indonesia.


ISDP provides scholarships with intensive coaching programs in printing sociopreneur who are qualified in their social business and are also able to provide solutions to social problems in their environment. Returning to my hometown, opening a social business and empowering the surrounding community are concrete steps taken by ISDP alumni so that the hope of alleviating poverty, unemployment, inequality can be reduced in various regions in Indonesia. ISDP wants to return the best sons and daughters of the region to their hometown armed with knowledge and social business that is capable and empowering.