Difabel, Gold Mine of Goodness for Sociopreneurs

26 May 2019 18.15 WIB - by Admin

Who doesn't know about disability or disability? Yes, they are our brothers who have different abilities from us. There are a number of terms that are used to refer to our friends who are physically different from us. There are those who call disability or disability in English which means they cannot. There are also those who call difabel alias different capabelity and the author himself prefers this word because it feels more appropriate. Difabel is indeed a variety of types. There is …. . although maybe from their appearance they are different from the average person, but surely Allah SWT has given friends the special advantages. For example, for ... given the ability ... which is far better than the average other person.

At present, it is estimated that only a handful of diffable friends get a job, while the rest do not get jobs that fit their needs. In Indonesia alone, few workplaces are able to employ disabled people with diffable friendly support facilities in it. This, of course, is our work together to be able to solve it together. Because of course, diffable friends want to be able to work so they can ease their needs and even their family's needs.

At present, there are already several companies that employ diffables in their business units. Being a sociopreneur, is a way of struggle that requires it to think critically, creatively and solutively in solving social problems around. If you want to become a sociopreneur who helps solve the problems of unemployment disabled in your place of residence, some of these creative ideas can be your inspiration.

Media Works for Disabled

In this case, knowledge of the types of diffables is the main key. From this, you can match it to the right job area for certain types of diffables. Just name it for friends with disabilities ... then you can put it in ...

In addition, it is very important to make an SOP that is effective, efficient and appropriate for diffable friends. In addition to empowering diffable friends, this effort can make the branding and value of your business or product. You can insert information on the social media or packaging that you produce that includes empowerment such as Mudik For Disabled, Disabled Power Houses, Vocational Schools for Disabled, Difable Scholarships, Difable YouTube Channels or Social Media, Disabled Course Institutions, Innovation Business for Fulfillment of Disabled Needs, and Difable Integrated Services.

Most public services and large companies certainly have telephone services or complaints. However, it turns out that these services do not all facilitate our diffable friends in accessing them. Some technologies that can be used such as application services for smartphone keypads. in public service locations and companies are needed to translate complaints, complaints or input given by diffable friends.

Submission of Laws for Public Facilities and Disabled Friendly Products

For you sociopreneur who has the knowledge and skills in the field of law, then this can be done very well. At present, only a few are diffable-friendly. Helps design, submit, socialize and goal the law so that various public facilities, government buildings,

Why do we have to care for diffable friends? Because this is an obligation for fellow humans to care for each other, complement and help. Besides that, every one of us, even though we currently may have complete physical conditions, we also have the opportunity to become disabled. For example an accident that can lead to blindness, or broken bones so that our legs or hands become cumbersome to use, and many more causes. Above all, helping and caring for fellow human beings is our glory as believers who are obliged by Allah SWT.

Hopefully this article can enrich the perspective of friends of sociopreneurs wherever they are. Because being a sociopreneur is a noble path that has been chosen. Greetings!
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