Get it done with Business Process

26 May 2019 18.25 WIB - by Admin

For business beginners, of course there are still many questions that are in his mind. How to choose the right business, how to start selling, how to run a business to be sustainable is a number of questions that may be in the minds of business beginners. For this reason, let us discuss about the business process which is sourced from Mr. Moh. Iqbal, a professional business coach who will answer the confusion of business beginners and hope this article is useful.

Business process is a collection of work that is interrelated to solve a particular problem. A business process can be broken down into several sub-processes, each of which has its own attributes but also contributes to achieving the process's super goals. In simple terms, the process is a series of activities that convert inputs into outputs so that they are added value. For example, a tree is the input. For the process, there are several activities such as cutting, splitting, measuring, nailing and coloring. The output is a table. From a tree to a table it is a series of business processes.

Then, what are the benefits of knowing this business process? We can give an idea of ​​what should be done for the business that we are going to make so that we can formulate and organize the business flow in a system neatly and so that we do not misunderstand the steps of a system.

In particular, understanding the business process also becomes an evaluation tool or alternative for organizing HR and work within an organization. In addition, a business process can also be used to identify business improvement or improvement opportunities. Business processes can also be used to evaluate and tighten performance measurements.

To better understand the application of business processes, we try a case study from the Bicycle Repair Shop. Starting from the receipt of the customer's vehicle, then recording the complaint, then later between the workshop with the customer to approve the estimated costs of service / maintenance / repair of bicycles in the workshop. Furthermore, workmanship / maintenance / repair of bicycles is carried out in the workshop. After completion, final / final checks will be carried out. Furthermore, customers make payments for services and spare parts. Finally, is the delivery of bicycles from workshops to customers.

The second example, for example, we try a business process in the furniture industry business. At first, the furniture factory received log logs. The log then enters the drying process. After the wood has been dried, a basic containment process is carried out. Then the construction is done. After construction, furniture is sanding. After completion, the assembly process is carried out and then there is a finishing process.

Hopefully the two examples above make us better understand how it is a business process. Finished from the business process, we go to the SOP aka Standard Operating Procedure which is part of the business process. SOP is a standardization of the workings of a business. Implementing an SOP on a business has many advantages. Among them are reducing the level of errors and negligence, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of work, increasing the accountability of the implementation of tasks to as information on improving employee competencies.

To better understand the SOP, here's a simple example of SOP. Manufacture of furniture:
1. Prepare raw material for 20 mm plywood with 3 pieces in size and 4 mm in size for the back cover of the cupboard.
2. Prepare equipment: hammers, saws, screwdrivers, nails, screws, and meters.
3. Prepare a cupboard design with a length, height and width.
4. Make the side of the cupboard 3 pieces
5. Make 2 pieces of the top of the cupboard and bottom of the cupboard
6. Make the inside of the closet or cupboard shelf
7. After all the components have been made, connect all the components according to the design
8. Give paint coating or HPL then given a plitur

Well, after the presentation, I hope your friends will understand more about the business process and can be applied to the business of friends. Business process, business is done! Send regards for success !