ISDP Jakarta Workshop: Building an Entrepreneurial Mentality & Advanced in Writing  

26 May 2019 17.00 WIB - by Admin

JAKARTA - Friday, May 17, 2019 an ISDP Jakarta workshop was held at the Sofyan Cut Meutia Hotel, Jakarta. The event was organized by the Didik Umat Division of Laznas Bank Syariah Mandiri Umat (BSMU) and was participated in by the Jakarta Sociopreneur Development Program (ISDP) scholarship recipients from the Syarif Hidayatullah UIN Jakarta campus and STEI SEBI. The two main themes in this workshop were the development of an entrepreneurial mentality delivered by experienced MSME coaches, Moh. Iqbal. The second theme given in this workshop was about writing, especially journalism, delivered by senior national editors, Irwan Kelana.


During the workshop session in the session Moh. Iqbal explored the business potential of each ISDP participant and provided solutions for each question and problem presented by the participants. The entrepreneurial mentality is the initial foundation that is expected to be able to make ISDP participants have a strong and intelligent mentality so that they can continue to survive and develop in the current and future business challenges.


The second session was a writing session delivered by Irwan Kelana. Explanation and elaboration of details regarding authorship is presented in this session. The basic insights about journalism, straightnews making and direct writing practices made the participants enthusiastic in practicing the knowledge they had acquired. The hope of this material is that the participants are able to use their writing skills to promote and build their business.


This workshop is one of a series of workshops that have been designed to be attended by ISDP scholarship participants. The main objective of all workshops is to produce young sociopreneurs who have smart, solutive and productive mindset, skill and action so that they are able to meet the future of Indonesia that is prosperous, empowered and works.