Making Business Planning Easy, Simple & Detail with a Business Plan

26 May 2019 18.20 WIB - by Admin

Starting a business is not an easy thing. For small traders, most of them choose to start trading without making careful business planning. However, if we want to open a business that we hope for continuity can be more measurable and detailed, then the use of a business plan is a necessity for us. Alright, don't need to linger. We immediately see how to make a business plan. Check this out!

A business plan is a written document that describes all relevant elements both internally and externally to start a business. Making a business plan will make a business person know the direction of each step of his business. The purpose of the business plan is as a bridge between ideas and reality, as well as a description of what the business actors want to do.

To create a business plan, at least 5 frameworks need to be created. 5 framework for a business plan, namely;

1. Introduction

2. planning

3. marketing

4. production planning

5. HR planning and financial planning

In the introduction, there are several aspects that must be made. Starting from the background, problems and objectives. The following are details of the preliminary aspects:

Background. Why do we need to develop our business, supported by facts or data that this business deserves to be developed and has an impact on social-society.
Problem. It is the gap that occurs and makes it as a thing that we adopt to be given a solution through our business. Also we are able to see the potential that has not been glimpsed or developed.
Aim. This is an answer to our business background and problems.

We proceed to the next part of the business plan, namely the marketing aspect. In the aspect of marketing, it contains the following things:

Understand the real market and market potential of a product / service that will be developed.
Determine market segments.
Understand what competitors offer and what different we will offer (value propositions).
How are the distribution channels (channels), promotional activities (customer relationships).
Determine which market share we will take is supported by accurate data, for example by a small survey or research.
Create market projections for a certain period of time, for example 1 year to 5 years.

The next aspect that we need to make in a business plan is the aspect of production. The following are the details that we must make in the aspect of production:

How details / specifications of products or services will be offered.
Describe the superiority of the product or service (value propositions).
Describe key activities and draw the flow of the production process.
Describe key resources.
Mention key partners that enter the production process value chain.

In the aspect of HR / Organization some things we must fulfill as follows:

Organizational structure
Job description of each HR
Total HR
Payroll system
Strength or strength of the company's HR

Financial aspects are one of the most important aspects in a business plan. Because without good and healthy financial aspects, our business is very likely to go down and even go bankrupt. Here are some things that we must fulfill regarding the financial aspects:

Revenue Stream
- Sources of income

- Income projection

2. Cost Structure

- Production costs (variable)

- Fixed cost

3. Profit and Loss

Break-even point (Break Event Point)
Initial capital needed and source of funds

Well, friends, those are all aspects that we have to make if we want to make a business plan. Hopefully this article is useful especially for Indonesian sociopreneurs and entrepreneurs. Easy, simple and detailed to apply, friends. Great business greetings useful!

Source: Slide Material Business Plan Mr. Moh. Iqbal in the Workshop Series on the Islamic Sociopreneur Development Program (ISDP), Laznas Bank Syariah Mandiri