The Collaborative Leadership Workshop: Overflowing Inspiration for Future Leaders

26 May 2019 17.00 WIB - by Aisyah Supernova

Alhamdulillah on Saturday - Sunday, 27-28 April 2019 The Mandiri Islamic Community National Bank Zakat Institution (Laznas BSMU) has conducted a Collaborative Leadership workshop at Fave Hotel, Bogor. Participants who participated in this workshop were ISDP (Islamic Sociopreneur Development Program) scholarship recipients from the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) campus and Gadjah Mada University (UGM). A series of events were held in this workshop, starting from talk shows, workshops, games to amazing race sessions which boosted the potential of each individual from the participants.


Several national speakers attended this workshop. On Saturday, April 27, 2019 there was Mr. Anton Sukarna from Bank Syariah Mandiri who shared tips to become successful personal in career and business. Mr. Suhendar, who is also from BSM, provided his experience so that the ISDP participants could increase their potential. Furthermore, there was a talkshow session which invited several ISDP participants (Nurroh, Koes, Agung and Ifandy) who shared their experiences and grief in proceeding to become sociopreneur by being moderated by Mr. Rizqi Okto from Laznas BSMU.


Bang Fikri from Bukalapak also participated in the workshop, opening horizons of insight into digital marketing and how to collaborate to make the business of ISDP participants successful. Furthermore, there was Mr. Bachtiar Firdaus from the House of Leadership who broke the paradigm regarding leadership and continued during the evening session by Ust Hilman Fauzi, founder of Teman Hijrah which provided inspiration for the success of the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.


On Sunday, April 28, 2019 Mr. Pramono Dewo, owner of several national oil and gas companies also provided his own personal experience to become a successful entrepreneur. The last session of the workshop was an amazing race session facilitated by the House of Leadership which left unforgettable experiences and practical inspiration for ISDP participants.


The Collaborative Workshop is the last workshop of the ISDP workshop series which was received by the first ISDP IPB and UGM participants. Hopefully this whole event will provide valuable benefits for the success of ISDP IPB & UGM participants.