About SPI

Infromation about Sahabat Pelajar Indonesia

The government has implemented compulsory education from 9 years to 12 years through the Smart Indonesia Program (PIP) pursued by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). So that the education target that must be taken by Indonesian children no longer has to reach the level of junior high school (SMP) and is equal but must reach high school (SMA).


In the field problem, various obstacles were found in realizing the ideals of the nation. The main obstacle found was the limited access for people with weak economies to access education. If traced, Elementary School (SD) and its equivalent have a level of competition that is much lower than entering the middle school or equivalent. Continues until at the high school and equivalent level, competition is getting tougher. A pattern was established that Favorite Middle Schools and High Schools were very difficult to enter, especially for children from families with middle to lower economies. The majority of Superior State High Schools and High Schools are filled by students from the upper middle class. Opportunities to access the best education are no longer evenly distributed to all groups. Not to mention the education level of parents is low, parenting is less concerned with education, especially the cost constraints that are often faced by disadvantaged families, so the opportunity to go to the best schools becomes smaller for them.


Indonesian Student Friends (SPI) is here to help students from those in need to obtain quality and equal education. SPI bridges the desire for great learning from prospective students of future leaders with appropriate educational opportunities. SPI is here to bring solutions to the limited costs of education, coaching and self-development. So that to reach Indonesia Gold in 2045, there will be more and more evenly qualified, intelligent, competent Human Resources and provide solutions for the nation.