Sahabat Pelajar Indonesia Helded The State Defense Training in 2018

27 May 2019 00.30 WIB - by Afriani Habibah

Training is an activity to enhance the sense of nationalism, discipline, independence, and leadership that students / students have fostered in the Sahabat Pelajar Indonesia.

This activity is a series of coaching given by LAZNAS BSMU in addition to routine coaching, this activity was attended by participants consisting of students, mentors, assistants and management of LAZNAS BSMU. Practically, this activity will provide students with the skills to improve discipline, independence, and leadership so that students can achieve optimal results to be successful and ready to go into the community.


This series of activities was held for 2 days and 1 night, precisely on Saturday. Sunday, 17 dd. November 18, 2018, the location of the activity was centered on Mount Bunder Bogor, with the content of the event namely the Opening Ceremony, Basic Discipline Material, Leadership Material, National Insight Material, Night Devotional, Qiyamul Lail, and Outbound.