Sahabat Pelajar Indonesia Mentor’s Capacity Building Training 2019

09 March 2020 11.00 WIB - by Admin

JAKARTA- Sofyan Hotel Cut Meutia is a venue for the Capacity Building of Mentors of Indonesian Student Friends. This event took place on Saturday 23 November - 24 November 2019 and was attended by mentors of the Indonesian Student Fellowship Program (SPI) from various regions in Indonesia, namely Jabodetabek, Padang, Yogyakarta, Trenggalek, Makassar to Jayapura. SPI is one of the flagship programs of the National Zakat Institution of Community Development Prosperity (Laznas BSM Umat).


This training was filled by several experienced trainers in their fields. During the event various materials, simulations and games were given to deepen the understanding of the material and increase the potential of the mentors. Not only theories about mentorship but various mentorship techniques that can be applied when mentoring.


At the Closing, the mentors were given the opportunity to appear to explain what was gained during the training. One mentor who came from Jayapura, Papua with tears in his eyes said "Muslims are a minority there ... but our hearts are in the majority ... later I will tell my students in Papua about the great mentor friends who are here ... "Said Septi. Septi became a mentor to several of his students located in the Jayawijaya mountains. There the air is so cold, minimal facilities and very much in need of education.


Aprilia Eviyanti, as the Manager of Laznas BSM Community Educators Group strengthened the determination of the mentors to be sincere and consistent in fostering their students. "The mentors must have a vision for the future ... because fostering not only at this time but also must think nationally and even internationally ... because they are (fostered children) the nation's successors ...". The event was closed with a photo session with SPI mentors, trainers and the Laznas BSM Community Educators team.